Is this thing really worth the tag price?

man wearing omotrainI was involved in a car accident three months ago and injured my rotator cuff.

Since then, I had been looking for a support that would help me through my road to recovery.

This is when I gave the Bauerfeind Omotrain Shoulder Support a try.

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It covers the shoulder I want supported with breathable material and a series of elastic straps that goes around the other arm and around my waist area.

Like I mentioned, the material used is made of breathable material so it doesn’t get too hot.

The elastic band is comfortable too so I don’t have any complaints comfort-wise.


I used this for my weight training and for playing volleyball.

I think they did a great job of providing a snug but flexible brace that provides solid support during strenuous activities. I don’t feel any pain lifting light weights which are about twenty pounds.

And I don’t feel pain either when playing volleyball. The Omotrain lets me move freely except when I might rotate my cuff excessively or suddenly.

I still feel pain here and there, but not when I’m wearing the support.

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I wear this for around ten hours a day, even at work.

The material used is so breathable that I sometimes forget I’m wearing it. It’s not bulky at all, I can just pop shirt right over it without a problem.

At first, the thing I was worried about the most was the elastic material used for the straps.

They look as if they would lose their elasticity. But I’ve been using this brace for three months now and nothing has changed with the straps.

You can really tell that the materials used on this product were well thought of and they did a great job using and putting together high-grade materials.

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Another concern that I had was that they look like they would smell after prolonged use.

Like I said, I use this brace ten hours a day, mostly at work, around two sessions of weight training a week and once for playing volleyball.

Good thing they are made of washable materials so I just wash them every day and they’re fine.

My shoulders still hurt sometimes when I’m not wearing it, but the brace does its job and relieves some of the pain, though, temporarily.

I guess healing from my injury takes time but the Bauerfeind lets me do my job, weight training and volleyball games with ease while helping me avoid further injuries.

Tired of hearing me talk? Check Out the Omotrain for yourself

All in all, I like the snug solid fit it provides and the breathable, fine material it is made of.

I’ve tried many braces and this is the first time that I felt comfortable with the straps and the covering that goes around the arm.

The straps won’t dig into your armpit or anywhere else, comfort is felt throughout when worn.

The elastic that I thought would wear off over time is still intact and I just love every bit of this thing.

I have to say that this is the most satisfying purchase I have ever made. It sounds cliché, but the Omotrain brace is worth every penny.


DocIs this thing really worth the tag price?