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I recently injured my rotator cuff after a rough game of football.Injury support

I was in search for a support that would help me with my recovery and after reading some reviews and what not, I chose the Sully stabilizer from Donjoy.

I tried this for four weeks and I thought why not share my experience with this particular brace.

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man wearing supportThis stabilizer pretty much covers the chest and the upper arm area.

It has elastic velcro straps around the chest, going around the already covered arm and across the other arm(The photo below will illustrate how to put it on much better).

The material covering the chest and arm areas are made of a soft velvety material and was quite comfortable.

At first, the straps around my chest and my other arm was a bit uncomfortable, but after finding the right adjustments for the elastic straps, I was able move with ease.

I have been using this support for about four weeks now.

I used it for my weight training and just last week started playing basketball again.

I like the snug fit and just how secure it makes my shoulders feel especially when under some stress. It provides great amount of support and comfort while not limiting my arm’s range of motion.

My mind is at ease that it would help prevent sudden impacts from worsening my injury.

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As I mentioned earlier, this stabilizer totally covers the chest area. At times, it can get a bit hot.

It is still sully product picturebearable, though, and if it provides this kind of support on my rotator cuff, I can live with sweating a bit.

Also, since it covers the whole chest area, I wondered if this support works for women.

I read reviews online and a woman with a 36 B cup size was able to use the DonJoy support with ease and great comfort.

The elastic straps are made of fine material.

The straps are adjustable using Velcro strips and are stretchable.  Something I thought was cool was the number of ways you can adjust the straps for any type of injury.

It’s quite comfortable and not too bulky also. I can wear a shirt with the Sully underneath it, I wear this at work and it doesn’t bother me that much.

Donjoy Sully


Before trying the  donjoy, I would feel pain even when I’m was standing still, let alone doing the slightest physical activities like taking a walk where even a slight sway of my arm would hurt.

As I mentioned, I can now do light weight training with twenty-pound dumbbells and play basketball without thinking of my injured cuff too much.

I also do sprint intervals with it on and I don’t mind swaying my arms. I can see why elite athletes also wear this when recovering from dislocation and subluxations.

five star ratings

As a final note, I am pretty happy about the results of my recovery.

I can feel that my rotator is getting better and I can see myself at full strength in another 2-3 weeks which is a huge plus.

I had some issues with its comfort factor, specifically its tendency to get hot, but with a bit of strap adjustments, I now feel like I’m not wearing a stabilizer.

I’m glad I didn’t hesitate dropping the money to buy the Donjoy sully shoulder brace,  Great investment.


(Here is a little video with instructions on how to put on the donjoy )


DocDesigned for Relief with Quality in Mind and a Price Tag to Match