Best Sport Shoulder Brace Reviews

I am a pretty athletic guy and just recently, I dislocated my right rotator cuff in a game of football. I play football, wrestling and basketball and I couldn’t wait to get back into my game so I decided to try several of the best sport shoulder braces that I could find. There are many brands out there and I found out for myself that there are different supports that I prefer when I play different kinds of sports. These are some of my favorites depending on the sport I’m playing.

evs support modelWhen playing football, I prefer using the EVS sports SB03. The material used in making this is a breathable air mesh. It has straps around one arm, across the side of the chest and an X-shaped strap on the injured rotator cuff. It is pretty comfortable that I sometimes wear it underneath my shirt and go about my daily routine wearing it. It looks nice too. I don’t mind wearing it over a shirt. The traction it provides is great. I can run around the football field and do all sorts of movements and take any kind of impact with my arm, without hurting my rotator cuff. In my opinion, this is one of the best supports around.

I couldn’t decide between the EVS Sports SB03 or the DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer as my go-to support for football, so I use both. It doesn’t provide the same traction as the EVS support but what I like about the Donjoy Sully brace is DonJoy wrapthat it can fully integrate into football pads. Without the pads it is similar to the EVS support; it has straps around one arm and an X-shaped strap on the upper arm you want supported. It then has additional straps that hook into any football pad and a strap that goes around the chest area. This is great if you don’t want your pads slipping and causing you to incur additional injuries.

mcdavid wrapMy preferred brace for wrestling is the McDavid Universal Shoulder Support. It has the perfect balance between providing support and comfort. It has an elastic Velcro strap that goes around the chest then under the arms, and another strap on the injured shoulder. Unlike other supports like EVS and DonJoy, it doesn’t have a covering on or a strap that totally goes around the chest area. This is great if you need to move your trunk a lot, like in wrestling, while still providing sturdy support for your upper arm. The only problem I had at first is that the strap that goes under the arm feels a bit uncomfortable, but after a bit of getting used to and getting the right adjustments for the strap, it became bearable.

When playing basketball, my preferred support is the NMT shoulder brace. A strap goes under the arm of the injured shoulder and NMT braceanother bigger strap that goes under the other arm. It doesn’t have a strap or covering on the arm so I can play basketball with not that much of a limit with my arms’ movements. This is great for sports where you need to move a lot.


So these are some of the best sport shoulder brace that I use. They have different features that can be advantageous depending on what sport you are playing or what body part you need to use a lot. If you have an injury like mine, try these braces for yourself.

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