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injured cartoon animationInjuring your shoulder can be frustrating and painful and uncomfortable on the whole.

And if you, or anyone you know, have been in that situation, you’d know that your new best friend is your trusty sling.

Unfortunately, not all are made equal. Some will be better than others. Some will have you cursing it to high heaven, especially when it causes more pain than not.

So make sure you find one that fits your needs and gets the job done.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the more popular ones in the market today. Hopefully, it will set you off in the right direction.

  1. Custom SLR Medical Support

The Custom SLR’s medical support is reversible and can be used on either arm.

Its main selling point? The Split Strap technology that allows the wearer to evenly distribute the weight.

That greatly reduces the fatigue and pain associated with wearing a support.

man with injured arm

The way it’s designed allows for maximum comfort. The length is fully adjustable and can fit most adults. The “cup” at the elbow makes sure it stays in place.

Another upside? It’s black and you know black goes well with almost anything.

(Custom SLR is actually a company that specializes in camera straps, but they made a sling that uses their strap.)



There’s just something really eye-catching with a brand that proclaims itself in all caps. Add “dynamic” to the name and you can almost be sure it’s a winner.

old man wearing a support

And the DYNAMIC-ARM-SUPPORT doesn’t disappoint. In some ways, it works even better than a regular sling.

If taking the weight of your arm off your shoulder is a big deal, than this support with its adjustable strap and stretchy fabric should be perfect.

However, the price may be a little high for some

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  1. Breg Swathe Universal

The Breg Swathe Universal helps to immobilize the shoulder, it does that by  safely positioning the arm close to the body.

It’s a product that’s easy to apply and for most people, quite comfortable.

berg swathe


This is a level 1 brace that’s good for recovery, decreasing pain symptoms, improving rehab, decreasing anti-inflammatory medications and maintaining shoulder position.


And while immobilization seems to be the primary function, you can easily take the strap off and convert it into a regular sling.


  1. Neo G Fitright Airflo Sport

Neo G Fitright Airflo SportIdeal for treating dislocated and injured shoulders, the Neo G Fitright AIRFLO Sport is a rather cheap product at just under $20.

The adjustable straps offer a comfortable fit. Its breathable design keeps you from sweating too much in the heat.

And washing instructions are very straightforward: wash, rinse, dry.

The only downside is the straps may be too thin for some. As such it could really cut into the skin of the neck.


  1. Health-Grade Deluxe

Cool and lightweight, the Health-Grade Deluxe is made with velvet-foam construction for maximum comfort during rehab.

The 2 straps at the shoulder criss-cross to attach to the sling.

It’s a versatile product that fits almost anyone.

Health-Grade Deluxe

The number of available slings in the market more than ensures that whatever injury you have, there is one available for you.

Don’t waste time on the crappy kind.

Take the time to review what’s available and get yourself on the path to recovery pronto!


Medical Arm Support By Custom SLR
medical support designed by custom slr
One sizeNeoprene$$4.0/5
Dynamic Arm Support
Dynamic arm support
One sizeLatex-free fabric$$$4.2/5
Breg Swathe Universal
breg swathe
One sizeSoft foam
Latex-free fabric
Neo G Fitright Airflo Sport
Neo G Fitright Airflo Sport, Medical Grade support
One sizeBreathable Fabric$$3.8/5
Health-Grade Deluxe
Health Grade Deluxe
XS,S,XLCotton/Polyester Blend
2" wide foam
Velcro closure

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