Correcting Your Posture will help with pain

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I always slouch and hunch when walking, and especially when sitting. I just found out about corrective braces and I couldn’t decide which shoulder posture brace I should get so I tried five of them. This is a review of those braces.

spine corrector for womenThe first one up is the XFORCE Corrective Brace. The thing that I like about this particular brace is that it is padded. Slouching when walking and hunching in front of the computer are some of the problems I’ve got, and this corrector kinds of reminds my back to set still. It hurts on the neck and armpits after several hours of wearing this, but I think it’s just my body adjusting to it. The padding makes it so comfortable that when I sit, I just lean on; better than slouching. Its price tag is around $20 on Amazon.

EquiFit back lite posture correctorThe next one up is the EquiFit Shoulders Back Lite. Compared to the XFORCE, it has less material and no padding. And it sells for around $40 on Amazon so I wasn’t so sure about this particular brace. But boy was I wrong! This thing is so comfortable when worn with a T-shirt under it. It doesn’t hurt much under the arms, back and neck. Also, because it has less bulk, I can comfortably wear it under my shirt and walk around with it. I thought the price tag justifies the features of the brace.

clavicle supportAnother one I tried is the Clavicle Brace by Breg. It has less padding than the XFORCE, but more than what the EquiFit  has. It has Velcro straps which makes it easy to set up. It has the same mechanism of correcting your back as XFORCE, which is forcing them to slightly fold backwards. And like the XFORCE, it can effectively remind my back to lean back and not slouch when sitting down using my laptop. It sells around $30 on Amazon.

bergNext up on the list is the Pro-Lite Deluxe Clavicle Support. It works the same way as the XFORCE and Breg supports in the way that it goes around your two armpits and supports your back to keep it from slouching and arching. It looks as if two rings go around under your arms. It comes with thin breathable straps made of soft, comfortable material. It sells for around $20 on Amazon.

The last support I tried is the Body Rite Posture Pleaser. It has thin straps that are most likely made of plastic or nylon, much like the straps you see on knapsacks without the cushions. It has a bulky cushion though that goes down to the lower back area.

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The bulk is too big for me which makes me think that this product is targeted towards people spending a lot of time sitting. The straps aren’t the most comfortable ones but after some adjustments, it’s not hurting my armpits any longer and effectively keeps me from arching my back. Out of the five braces, I think this is the most effective corrective brace. Its price is around $30 on Amazon. 

The Pro-Lite corrector is so far my favorite. It has the comfort of XFORCE and Breg and the thin straps that Equifit has, it’s not as bulky and I can wear it under a shirt. Though not so effective as the Body Rite, this is my choice when getting the most value for my buck.

DocCorrecting Your Posture will help with pain