Tension Relieving Heat Therapy, Surround yourself in Warmth

It’s Friday night, and you’re supposed to be out with your friends. But instead, here you are, sprawled in your own bed because you’re that tired. You can’t even bring yourself to flip channels on the couch. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?

stressed out woman

It’s stress. Nothing else but stress. You know, that kind of feeling when there are nine different office scenarios all playing in your head at the same time? Your back is aching, your stiff, and your feet are feeling numb and sore.

Do Something

We’ve all had nights like that, but that doesn’t mean it has to be this way each and every time you come home.

You can gain your life back using a heating pad from Sunbeam.

In case you’re one of the few people on earth who have never used, let alone seen a heating pad before.

It’s a pad that warms up to manage pain—and Sunbeam just so happens to be one of the best manufacturers in the market today.

But just to be sure, how good is the Sunbeam Renue 885-911 Heat Therapy Neck and Shoulder Wrap(Ya,that’s the official name)?

Can it be guaranteed to have a positive affect on pain? More importantly, will it prove to be a good investment?

It isn’t exactly the cheapest pad on earth…

For starters, the Sunbeam Renue has a comfortable fit around the neck and shoulders—you can see by its design.

It has four-heat settings which help give you the intensity level that you need so you can feel better faster.

neck heat wrap

It’s made of soft micro-plush material so it will feel soft and gentle on your skin—adding to that spa experience you don’t always have the budget for.

And you can wash it, adding to its convenience.

There really is no use to having a heating pad which isn’t washable, because you know you’re just going to throw it away eventually.

Is it For Real?

It’s so hard to come by a something which can really give you that luxurious stress-melting relaxation your body isTension Relieving Heat Therapy Wrap craving for these days.

However, this one from Sunbeam is clearly an exception.

It’s got everything your shoulders and neck are ever going to need for you to get a good night’s rest—so you can catch up on all the fun you’ve been missing out on with family and friends.

Work isn’t the end all and be all of your life, you know.

One other thing that’s noteworthy about the Renue, not only is it tailor-designed specifically for the neck area, the edges have been weighted so it fits securely, and there’s a magnetic clasp; to make sure it stays in place all the time.

Everything You Need

You can use this  pad with moist or dry heat, and even if you fall asleep while using it, it’s going to turn itself off after two hours.

For safety purposes, this one is a must on all heating wraps!

Awesome Warranty

Equipped with an extra-long power cord, the Renue also comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

I don’t know about you, but a warranty that good can only mean one thing—its top quality!frog Relaxing on lilly pad

All in all, this thing is just perfect. The softness is just right, and if you couple it with the heat, you instantly float on cloud 9.

Anything Wrong With It?

Common annoyances however, would be the plug connection located right over the chest.

But if you’re going to notice, this is where most heating pads place them. Maybe in the future the manufacturers can design a plug connection that won’t be in the way?

It might be a tall order request, it’s probably a safety issue.

Final Verdict

Overall verdict for the Sunbeam Renue Shoulder heating pad, is that it’s definitely a good buy.

It’s well-shaped, it’s got good controls, it’s got a moist heat option, it’s machine washable,

It’s got a luxurious look to it, and the feel is nice and comfortable.

What more can you ask for at this price range right?

It should cost more, but luckily for us, it doesn’t. So enjoy the Renue, ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t get any better than this.

DocTension Relieving Heat Therapy, Surround yourself in Warmth