Top 5 Best Shoulder Brace on the Market


Jenny’s teenage son injured his shoulder after baseball practice. The ligament was injured almost to the point ofIce shoulder brace tearing. So for the next few weeks, he was forced to wear a shoulder brace.

A shoulder brace is designed to assist the shoulder, support the muscles, and areas of the rotator cuff. This is done by sharing the load with the chest, usually the one opposite the injured shoulder.

Braces are typically made up of elastic straps. It’s supposed to reduce the discomfort, add support, provide rest and allow for healing. It can also help prevent further injury.

But finding one isn’t as easy as it looks. You have to find the right kind for your injury. Here’s a list of the 5 best shoulder support braces available in the market today.

Donjoy Sully Brace
Donjoy Sully shoulder brace
EVS Sb03
evs shoulder support
S,M,L,XL,2XLBreathable Air Mesh$$$$3.6/5
McDavid Light Support
mcdavid light shoulder support
Shock Doctor Support
Shock Doctor shoulder brace
XS,S,M,L,XL,2XLN-Tex Neoprene$$$$3.2/5
Bauerfeind Omotrain
Bauerfeind OmoTrain shoulder brace
1,2,3,4,5,6Anatomical knit$$$$$4.1/5

Price rate table

Ratings are from Amazon

1. Sully Shoulder Brace

Product Description:  Provides shoulder immobilization. Controlled range of motion. Designed to stabilize, restrict or assist movement post-injury or post-op.

Prosdonjoy stabilizer

  •      Effective and comfortable
  •      Good support


  •     Durability is inconsistent

Depending on who you ask, the Sully can either withstand repeated washings or will start fraying after a couple of months. The shoulder support is unquestionable, but durability seems to be largely hit or miss. Lastly, the price tag is pretty steep as well. buy button


  1. EVS Shoulder Brace

Product Description:  Increased level of compression and support. Adjustable arm closure design. Breathable mesh construction.

Prosevs sb03

  •     Adjustable
  •     Fully customizable fit


  •     Takes effort to put on
  •    Very tight fit can be uncomfortable
  •    Velcro may scratch the skin

If you’ve seen the picture of this product, you’ll immediately notice that it looks very professional to the point of complexity. But while it may be a bit challenging to put it on yourself, you’d be happy to know that the 3 velcro straps it comes with allows you to adjust the fit to your most comfortable. You can position that straps straight across or criss-cross or anyway you want to limit your movement as needed.

It’s a very effective brace even with the few drawbacks. buy button amazon


  1. McDavid Shoulder Brace

Product Description:  Neoprene provides therapeutic heat retention and compression while 2-sided nylon construction offers durability.

Prosmcdavid 463 support

  •      Durable
  •     Well-constructed
  •     Fully-adjustable straps
  •     Inexpensive
  •     Good support


  •      Reaching to strap the Velcro at the back is a challenge
  •      Bulky
  •      Can make you warm and sweaty

mcdavid size chart


The main problem most of these shoulder support braces have is they’re difficult to put on without assistance. The last thing you want to be doing with a painful, injured shoulder is reaching all over to secure Velcro straps. Unfortunately, the McDavid has not found a way around it, either.

Having said that though, once the brace is on, it provides very good support. And the straps are actually adjustable to make sure you stay as immobile as needed without feeling uncomfortable. It’s a good product for its price. It might just take a little longer to put on if you don’t have any help. amazon buy button


  1. Shock Doctor Shoulder Support

Product Description:  Multifunction X-fit for stability and control compression. Vented neoprene moisture wicking compression for therapeutic warmth and healing.

ProsShock doctor support brace

  •     Good support


  •     Users report minor issues with the fit
  •     Velcro straps not very durable

The major issue with Shock Doctor’s support is how it doesn’t seem to be made for women. The strap cuts across the breast area and can hardly be comfortable for any woman, cup size notwithstanding. Many users also found ordering the right size to be challenging.

Those who did find the appropriate size and fit do say the product provides good support, so there is that. button


  1. Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support

Product Description: Fits right or left arm. Lightweight breathable knit material. Comes with a removable compression pad that delivers a massage effect for the shoulder area.

Pros:omotrain wrap

  •     Easy to put on and take off
  •     Comfortable fit


  •     Looks incredibly bulky
  •     Poor customer service support

The Omotrain can be worn on the right or left shoulder. It’s professionally designed to center the arm into the socket encouraging mobility while limiting rotation. The material is a breathable knit construction that does not retain heat, keeping the covered area sweat free. It’s machine washable and comes in 6 sizes.

Size 1: 8 1/2″ to 9 1/2″  Size 2: 9 1/2 ” to 10 1/4″  Size 3: 10 1/4″ to 11 1/2″  Size 4: 11 1/2″ to 12 1/2″  Size 5: 12 1/2″ to 14 1/4″  Size 6: 14 1/4″ to 15 3/4″

Measure the circumference of the upper arm, hanging loosely, approximately 6 inches above the elbow.

Overall, this brace is great, but is on the pricey side. buy button amazon


Finding the best shoulder brace for your injury could spell the difference between healing faster or injuring it again. So don’t scrimp on time and do your research well.


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