Does the Light Support Brace from McDavid deserve all its praise?

If you’re ever into sports or are fond of watching any game at all, you’d know that when an athlete is wearing a  brace that means his health is not at 100%.

But that’s alright, a brace doesn’t necessarily mean something’s always wrong—oftentimes Support from mcdavidpeople wear it to prevent or recover from injury.

The trouble is not in wearing a brace, it’s actually in finding the right sleeve that offers the right compression for your shoulders.

You’re going to find a lot of these in the market, but the one that is most used by professionals and the ordinary alike is the Light Shoulder Support from McDavid, which is often made with thick Latex-free neoprene material for therapeutic heat retention and constructed with nylon for longer durability.

And today, we decided to see for ourselves if it’s worth the hype.

Wearing it for Comfort

Most of those who got to wear the McDavid all said the same thing: It’s comfortable, and very easy to wear.

But there’s more to it than that.463 stabilizer

This compression sleeve actually works in helping decrease the pain you feel with every strain and pull of the muscle.

The construction is light in weight and is designed with a hook & loop closure straps to give your AC joint direct compression.

For comfort, the straps can also be adjusted. It doesn’t matter if the injury or the discomfort is on your left or right shoulder; it’s designed to work on both sides.

You can even wear one on both shoulders, if needed.

This support is available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, so no matter how wide your chest is, or how big you are, there’s one that will fit you perfectly.

To give you a bit more information regarding the sizes, please refer below:

mcdavid size chart


How Often Can You Use it?

If you already have plenty of experience using a variety of braces, especially if you’re an athlete or a trainer then you’ll agree when I say that no matter how good they all look, most of them are still going to be pretty darn hard to use—not to mention difficult to wear.Pacquiao mcdavid

If it’s not one thing, it’s the other.

You can’t move your shoulder too well (if at all), can’t stretch out your arm as far as you need to, not comfortable enough, it feels too hot, etc.

But surprisingly, with the McDavid, you’ll rarely be bothered with any of that.

You can wear it as often as you like, and because of how it’s designed, you can wear it even during the hottest days of the year, which can sometimes be nearly impossible when you’re using other branded supports.

One other major plus is the fact you can sleep in it and still feel comfortable. You’ll feel better in no time at all!

mcdavid 463 support


Would You Buy it?

A lot of people thought that this support brace was cheap and flimsy at first, but majority of the users had this brace recommended to them by a doctor or someone who had recovered from an injury.

By the time they started to use it, they were very impressed at just how well-made it really is.

So don’t be fooled by its looks, it’s one of the most secure supports in that price range.463 mc david support

And remember this: you’re not getting any younger.

The discomfort will only intensify with each passing day, and this is why you need something firm and secure that will give results.

An improvement on the pain, the decrease in discomfort, and finally, the eventual healing.

It depends on how often you’ll be using it, of course, and braces, no matter how advanced, can’t really do everything for you unless you’re serious about therapy. But for starters this will help you get back in your groove in no time at all.

The McDavid is guaranteed to give you a snug fit. Every inch of it is well-made, which is one of the reasons why so many people prefer using it than all the other supports out there.

DocDoes the Light Support Brace from McDavid deserve all its praise?