6 of the Best Compression Arm Sleeves out there Today

Compression sleeves are designed to apply pressure to the arm, or hand. They’re supposed to keep the lymph moving in the correct direction.Carmelo with arm sleeves

While there haven’t been any definitive studies on its effectiveness, many are already using compression arm sleeves as part of over-all treatment plans for lymphedema.

But that’s not all they’re used for. Athletes have also been known to use them to reduce soreness, cramping and fatigue.

These garments can either be worn on the arm just like a sleeve or like a fingerless glove with a sleeve. Some are like support bras that go on the chest area or the entire trunk like a vest. The fabric is flexible, with the bottom of the sleeve usually tighter compared to the top.

Below are some of the best compression arm sleeves available.

McDavid Arm Sleeve
EvoShield Sleeve
S,M,L,XL84% polyester, 16% elastane$$4/5
2XU Compression Recovery
2XU Recovery Compression Sleeve
XS,S,M,L,XL80% Nylon, 20% Lycra$$$$4/5
Zensah Arm Sleeves
Zensah Compression Sleeve
S/M, L/XL94% Nylon 6% Spandex$$$3.8/5
Neo G Medical Grade VCS
Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support
Universal SizeMedical Grade Neopren$$$3.8/5
McDavid Shoulder Support
McDavid Shoulder Support

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  1. McDavid Compression Sleeve

McDavid products are 100% latex –free neoprene. They boast of being able to provide thermal therapy, compression and soft tissue support. Their compression sleeve is just another superb product in the many they have.compression arm sleeve

The best thing about it is definitely the Hydravent Moisture Management Technology that keeps you cool and dry (There’s a “warm and dry” version, too, called Thermavent.) If you’re wearing it for more than 12 hours a day, it’s really important you don’t sweat too much or get too warm wearing it.

The only downside is washing the sleeve in a machine makes it lose its form in the wrist area. But for the price, it’s definitely not a bad trade. You can always just hand wash it, after all. buy from amazon


  1. Evoshield Compression Sleeve

The Evoshield Compression Arm Sleeve is “anatomically designed” for extra elbow support. And that’s supposed to reduce both fatigue and elbow soreness. The fabric is breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable. Evoshield also likes to point out that their sleeve protects your arm from “turf burn” and scratches during hustle plays.

evoshield compression

Be careful when ordering, though. The sizes may be a little off. Since they’re mostly made for athletes, large sizes look like they’re better for “offensive lineman-sized” arms. Another drawback is the sleeve length. You’ll find it a bit shorter than other brands. Other than that, the right-sized sleeves should be a good, snug fit with good isolation. amazon buy button


  1. 2XU Recovery Compression Sleeve

2XU products have graduated compression engineering that promotes circulation. The arm sleeves, in particular, help reduce pooling and “arm pump” in the forearms. They support key muscle groups as well as the elbow joint. They also help with the circulation through the fingertips.

2xu compression

The best part? Unlike most brands, the 2XU Recovery Compression Sleeve is actually sold in pairs. buy from amazon.com


  1. Zensah Compression Sleeve

Zensah produces compression clothing. They use a proprietary knitting process for their best-selling sleeves. zensah compressionThey’re  good for minimizing the pain and reducing the risk of further injury. Another upside is, there’s a lot in terms of color selections. mild buy button


The above four should give good value for your money and give the support you need. But if you’re looking for the best shoulder compression sleeve, these two products below will all but leave those four in the dust.

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support – All Day Comfort

Looking for a shoulder compression sleeve? Look no further. The Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support can cover all your neo g supportneeds, and then some.

It’s ideal for treating rotator cuff injuries, muscle strains, sprains, bursitis and tendonitis. It provides compression, support and warmth, All these without restricting movement.

This high-quality product is fully adjustable with 2 velcro straps at the bicep to elbow area. It can fit anyone, from a petite person to a really tall one. It’s very comfortable you can even sleep in it or wear it all day. tan amazon buy button

McDavid Shoulder Support – With Pockets!

mcdavid 463 supportThis highly durable product has a neoprene shoulder support with pockets over the AC joint. What’s that for, you ask? It’s so you can insert a hot or cold pack as needed. It’s fully adjustable with Velcro straps and can fit either shoulder.

It’s inexpensive, easy to put on and provides good support, what else can you ask for?

check amazon

Finding the best compression arm sleeves can a be a bit daunting, but don’t get saddled with cheap and ineffective brands. Hopefully, this review will help point you in the right direction.

Doc6 of the Best Compression Arm Sleeves out there Today