Best Cold Therapy Unit Right Now?

I was just recently involved in a terrible car accident and I had to undergo surgery to fix my shoulder.

After the operation, my therapist recommended the Cryo Cuff System from Aircast that comes with a gravity cooler jug to ease the aircast system displaypost-surgery swelling and pain I was feeling.

There are two models of the cooler; an AutoChill model that can be plugged into an outlet then it automatically pumps cold water into the cryo cuff, and a gravity-powered cooler.

I purchased the model with the gravity cooler as the AutoChill System is sold separately.

Putting on the shoulder cuff is a bit difficult the first time using it. I initially needed some assistance strapping it on.

The Aircast comes with three straps; one going around and under the arm that wasn’t injured, a smaller strap under my injured shoulder, and strap for the forearm of my injured limb.

I needed the nurse helping me with my therapy to strap the bigger one going under my uninjured shoulder but after some getting used to.

I am now able to set up it up myself by simply letting the cuff hang on my injured shoulder then sticking the bigger strap with my uninjured arm first and then the smaller one.cyro cuff instructions

It has a hose that connects to the cooler jug. Without connecting it to the jug, I wear the cuff while I sleep.

This is to keep my arm compressed and still while asleep.

This can also avoid the risk of unconsciously making sudden movements that may cause further injuries.

Using the gravity jug cooler is fairly easy.

The jug has to be filled with ice, ice water, or water with ice and then connected to the cuff through the hose.

What I do is I fill it with ice and ice water for a very cold compression.

It can be filled up to 4 liters of ice and/or water and would last eight to ten hours. As for myself, I replace the contents every four hours to keep the water very cold.

You can just tell I want my compression to be super cold but it’s just me. I tried not replacing the content of the jug and the coldness started to wade off within six hours, which is still pretty impressive.

And the pumping of the water is still comforting.

Cryo banner

The jug had to be at the same height as your shoulders while the water is being pumped into the cuff.

What I do is I mount it onto a wall and I’m set.

The jug cooler had to be lowered and lifted back to shoulder height every thirty minutes or so and let gravity do its work.

I don’t mind doing this but if you do, like I mentioned, the jug cooler has an AutoChill model that can automatically pump the ice water into the cuff.

The comfort it brings me just makes me smile each time I use the Aircast.

Only minor issue is that it needs to be brought down and lifted but I don’t mind that.

I scouted for other cryotherapy units and this is what I settled for.

Thanks to gravity and Aircast, I am now feeling like I am on my way to recovery!

DocBest Cold Therapy Unit Right Now?